I started a Traditional Thai Massage Business in 2008 in San Mateo, California.  I sold this business  in 2016 to concentrate on starting a new project in Thailand.

The project in Thailand aims to raise funds and initiate activities to help needy people  and animals. Working toward this goal, my time will be spent both in Thailand and in the USA.

In Thailand, I have set up a facility providing for small groups of people looking for a private place for their group.  Also welcome are individual clients to visit by arrangement only.   The income of this facility will go toward helping to fund the projects for needy people and animals. 

In the USA,  I have set up a small Thai therapeutic yoga massage business for people  (children - adults - seniors) who need help with their physical issues. There will also be some activities which will help raise funds toward the project in Thailand.

Boontharika Casper (Aoy), CMT